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New Art! (update)

2009-08-20 02:49:08 by Zytemarre

Hello fellow citizens of "Newgrounds." I am new to this site, but with me, i bring a new style of art! In about a week or two, i will submit the new art pieces.

Yea i noticed my new art has some outlines that u can barely show. I'm gona retouch them on my computer so all lines can be seen. Expect new art tomorrow (Wednesday) Hey, and for those of you whom just view my art, leave a comment or vote at least. It wouldn't hurt lol.


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2009-08-20 02:50:55

is this chat current


2009-08-20 02:51:55

Awesome, Looking forward to it.


2009-08-20 02:55:29

hey so wats ur new art like

Zytemarre responds:

It's tribal, but with an actual shape. Not like a simple line in tribal, or a square. Mine, makes a shape of something.


2009-08-20 04:45:26

i like your artwork alot. :D

Zytemarre responds:

Thanx! I got more, it's just that i dont own a scanner so i have to borrow one. I'ma borrow one this weekend so i'll have more stuff, including the new stuff.