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2009-08-29 02:27:40 by Zytemarre

Wow. I finally get a few reviews from my art and it's not going well. The first one i saw was good, it was helpful. Then i noticed some of my drawings got a vote (their first vote) and it shows it's ranking as "0/5.00" Either the page is failing on me or someone did not like my stuff. Now i knew it would have it's downs, but i never thought they would be this low. Ah im just a lili bummed out for now. At least i finally got some reviews...Oh yes, and to clarify the unclear. My drawings are not sketches. They are 100% finished. If anything, i will most likely delete the "ZROOSTIR" and paint it as i got advised. Well, cheers to my advisors.


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2009-09-01 15:14:58

Art Portal is very glitchy.the fact that piece of your art got 0 is actually a glitch.similar things have happened.


2009-09-01 16:00:52

you have to get so many votes before it shows up thats why it showed 0/5.00 and your welcome for the votes and reviews i like to help