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2009-09-16 03:43:32 by Zytemarre

Hm. It seems people like my shading, but not the choices that i choose to shade. I would like to make a request from the audience! My request is that the audience requests something for me to draw and shade. No coloring of course, just shading. Ok maybe i'll edit it after and color it. I might receive more than one request, if that is the case, i will choose a few depending on the difficulty ( i do have a life u know) so i just want to make sure that i would finish it shortly.
<<(({{[[ANY REQUESTS?]]}}))>>


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2009-09-16 06:54:52

how about a two point perspective drawing of the empire state building
or a box would do

Zytemarre responds:

Hehe. I'll do the empire state building insted. Do u want the top half or the bottom half? Most likely the top half, right?