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Posted by Zytemarre - July 3rd, 2010

I will soon return, for i await my new laptop to be delivered. Then i can upload my new stuffs.

Posted by Zytemarre - November 12th, 2009

Ugh...i now i've been lagging it. Sorry. So far i still got to make a 2-point perspective of the Empire State Building and a Background of a zombie having a yard sale. kul. I will have both done within a week. My word.

Posted by Zytemarre - September 16th, 2009

Hm. It seems people like my shading, but not the choices that i choose to shade. I would like to make a request from the audience! My request is that the audience requests something for me to draw and shade. No coloring of course, just shading. Ok maybe i'll edit it after and color it. I might receive more than one request, if that is the case, i will choose a few depending on the difficulty ( i do have a life u know) so i just want to make sure that i would finish it shortly.
<<(({{[[ANY REQUESTS?]]}}))>>

Posted by Zytemarre - August 29th, 2009

Wow. I finally get a few reviews from my art and it's not going well. The first one i saw was good, it was helpful. Then i noticed some of my drawings got a vote (their first vote) and it shows it's ranking as "0/5.00" Either the page is failing on me or someone did not like my stuff. Now i knew it would have it's downs, but i never thought they would be this low. Ah im just a lili bummed out for now. At least i finally got some reviews...Oh yes, and to clarify the unclear. My drawings are not sketches. They are 100% finished. If anything, i will most likely delete the "ZROOSTIR" and paint it as i got advised. Well, cheers to my advisors.

Posted by Zytemarre - August 28th, 2009

I finally got my art scanned, but it's too light. I only have one for now that's not too light. I submitted it already, chek it out when u can. It's called "ZROOSTIR". Feel free to comment and vote if you like it or not.

Posted by Zytemarre - August 20th, 2009

Hello fellow citizens of "Newgrounds." I am new to this site, but with me, i bring a new style of art! In about a week or two, i will submit the new art pieces.

Yea i noticed my new art has some outlines that u can barely show. I'm gona retouch them on my computer so all lines can be seen. Expect new art tomorrow (Wednesday) Hey, and for those of you whom just view my art, leave a comment or vote at least. It wouldn't hurt lol.